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a Little, short, diminutive. 2 Disagreeable, often used to express disapprobation. 3 Light, trifling, insignificant. 4** Young. 5** Few. 6(AH) Sordid, miserly, niggardly.
Declined thus in connection with a noun:
  Sing. masc.
Sing. fem.
Plur. masc & fem
Nom. beag
Gen. bhig
Dat. beag1
Voc. bhig
1 When the noun preceding beag has the article before it, the dat sing masc is aspirated (bheag). Beag is compared thus: 1st Comp bige or lugha. 2nd Comp bigid or lughaid. 3rd Comp bigead or lughad. Ach beag, air bheag, almost; is beag nach, almost; rud beag, a little thing; duine beag, a diminutive man; ùìne bheag, a short time; is beag orm thu, I hate you; iadsan air am beag sibh, they who hate you; is beag seo, this is a trifling (light) thing; is beag an dolaidh, it is a small loss (he or she richly deserves it); na sionnaich bheaga, the young foxes; na coin bheaga, the little dogs; na fir bheaga [na daoine beaga], the little men; leanabh bheag, baby; air bheag de làithibh, in a few days; air glé bheag dhen oidhche, very early in the night; is beag sin de Ghàidhlig, that is a poor sort of Gaelic; tha e fìor bheag 'na nàdar, he has a very niggardly disposition; chan fheàirrd duine a bhith cho beag siud, a person is not any better off being so niggardly as that.

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